Scientific Enquiry

This is an area of the curriculum that is more unique to BEYC. We find that the British National Curriculum falls short on its scientific knowledge and skills in the first few years of schooling. We have always found that children in Early Years and Key Stage 1 are ready to cover more science based topics. Science activities and projects form a big part of our curriculum and we are very proud of the variety of skills and knowledge that we are able to pass on to the children. Questioning is a key aspect of the British Curriculum both from teachers and from the children. We want children to ask as many questions as possible so we choose the most fun and engaging topics in order to generate curiosity and excitement. Nowhere is questioning more important than when learning about the world; how things work and why things are.

Scientific Enquiry Level Benchmark

Average Scientific Level Leaving BEYC
Average Scientific Level of Children in the UK

We don’t just make learning fun, we guide children to love learning.

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